Why come

As we are coming closer to August, you may well be wondering why you should come to a conference on masculinity.

So firstly let me ask you a few questions.

  • Are you a happy and fulfilled man?
  • Do you crave deeper male conversations beyond sport, women, business and cars!
  • Are you living the life you want – as a father, a son, a husband?
  • Do you struggle to know what’s expected of you as a man?
  • Are you looking to develop a fuller version of masculinity beyond sport, beer and winning?
  • Are you working too hard with no sense of why?
  • Are you growing as a man, or are you a big kid in a grown-up’s body?
  • Are you fed up with the male stereotypes of stoic strength?
  • Sick of being told to ‘Man-Up’?
  • Would you like to explore what it takes to be a ‘great man’ in the 21st Century?
  • Are you looking for a masculinity conversation beyond just sexuality?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these then, and it doesn’t matter which one(s) then you should be there.

In two days you will be clearer about how you can step forward into a healthier male space. We will provide you with the key how’s on how to thrive as:

  • An individual
  • In your relationships
  • And as a Leader in your chosen field.

Our aim

Making Good Men Great is a project that aims to help men rethink masculinity and provide a way to help them shape their lives such that they are aligned to thrive and can become an inspiration to others.

Come and be part of it. We’d love to have you.

For more information and ticket purchase please got to: