Stop The Silence

“In a room where
people unanimously maintain
a conspiracy of silence,
one word of truth
sounds like a pistol shot.”

Unfortunately, unlike the Las Vegas massacre, the truth appears to have become sparse ammunition. How else can men like Harvey Weinstein have gotten away with their behaviour?
In working with Making Good Men Great, I am constantly […]

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The Red Pill or Little Red Riding Hood

A friend recently challenged me to watch The Red Pill, a documentary alleging to examine the issues men are faced with in our ‘feminist’ culture.

I was only to aware of the controversy this work had elicited amongst many parts of the community alike. Some critics railed against it. After watching this film I read […]

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Let’s talk about patriarchy, belief and well-being.

I was recently talking to a colleague about the issues that men, and women for that matter, face in our society. Things such as depression, suicide, alienation and isolation. He specifically challenged me on the idea that much of this can be explained through understanding the root cause; patriarchy.

I pointed out that psychological disorders […]

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WHY you should be at Masculinity that inspires change: A Making Good Men Great Conference

Why come

As we are coming closer to August, you may well be wondering why you should come to a conference on masculinity.

So firstly let me ask you a few questions.

Are you a happy and fulfilled man?
Do you crave deeper male conversations beyond sport, women, business and cars!
Are you living the life you want – […]

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Why I participated in the Women’s March on January 21st By Marc Levey, CDC

The day after Donald Trump was sworn into office over 500,000 men, women and children peacefully gathered and marched throughout downtown Los Angeles. Millions more marched in Washington DC, Chicago, Manhattan and dozens of other cities throughout the world.

Though many conservatives mocked and complained that these protests were just “a bunch of bitter feminists,” […]

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Does divorce need to be a war ?

One of the most difficult challenges anyone can face in their life is that of a separation or divorce. This is especially the case when children are involved. Part of the reason is that most times it is one person who has contemplated and initiated that they wish to be no longer […]

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Empathy: Can you learn it? More importantly, can you teach it?

Those of you who have been following my blogs know by now that the idea of helping men to rethink masculinity is to enable men to begin to deconstruct the values enshrined in the patriarchal ideology and it’s dominance in our institutions, organisations and education. The thrust is that patriarchy makes men narcissistic […]

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The foundation for Great Men starts with raising boys that respect women.

Christopher A. Brown, President of the National Fatherhood Initiative, a US based organisation, recently wrote an interesting article in the Huffington Post, wherein he quite rightly suggests that it may help to teach children to ask 4 critical questions that have helped his own kids to ‘navigate conflict and come out other side more […]

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Confused about the root cause of Domestic Violence?

You should be, because the debate we’re having is missing the point.

On a recent ABC Q&A featuring Germaine Greer and renowned writer and former psychiatrist, Theodore Dalrymple, the two clashed over what causes domestic violence. Theodore Dalrymple observed that it was the consequence of extreme jealousy while Ms. Greer quickly countered with, […]

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‘Economy rests on Christian foundations’

Ross Gittins, the Sydney Morning Herald’s Economics Editor, suggested this in his editorial over the Easter Weekend. In what appears to be an attempt to flow with the spirit of the holiday, holy and otherwise, Mr Gittins makes some extraordinary and largely un-educated claims.

He should have asked this question: Does it […]

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