Masculinity that inspires change

A Making Good Men Great Conference

Conference introduction

Making Good Men Great is a project that aims to help men rethink masculinity and provide a way to help them shape their lives such that they are aligned to thrive and can become an inspiration to others.

Most of us are surrounded by good men – men in our communities, our families, and our workplaces. But we know something is missing. Like a musical score that never reaches the crescendo, many of us feel like we are continually waiting for the elusive climax to our story that never quite arrives. Making Good Men Great believes that there are reasons for that. We want to unlock the greatness that we see in men all over the world so that they are able to change their lives in ways that enable them to thrive and transform their communities into vibrant places of life and connection.

Join us!

Join us for a weekend where we will explore this idea of a new masculinity and many others that play into our lives and development as men.

Join us in the conversation that’s taking place about how to become men that thrive and inspire positive change in our communities and world.

Join us in creating a network of men that support and usher in this new view of manhood together.

We’ll be exploring things like:

  • Aligning our lives to thrive
  • Developing a framework for wellbeing that is meaningful across the developmental stages of our life
  • Engaging in healthy relationships
  • Being dynamic, productive, and inspiring leaders
  • Navigating the rapidly changing culture around us and what our role is in participating and shaping it

This will require a critical review of history’s version of manhood, a manhood built on competition, acquisition, hierarchy, and territorialism. Instead, we want to explore what happens when manhood is viewed through the lens of cooperation, distribution, democracy, and inclusion.

Here’s what you can expect

  • Some dynamic presentations that will peel back the historical perspectives we hold on manhood and challenge our thinking about how to be Great Men
  • An environment that provides the space to explore new ideas about manhood and ourselves
  • Safety and support to be vulnerable and inquisitive
  • The beginning of a network that can support sustained change – both in our own lives and in our communities

This is an opportunity to begin to tear down an old version of masculinity and leave that history behind. We believe it’s time to live in the destiny of greatness that each of us possesses.

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– Bishop T.D. Jakes

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What makes us different

There are some great resources for men out there, including organisations doing some very cool things to help men unlock their potential and free the “wild man”. We think this is great. But we also think most of the time it stops short of sustainable change. We want to reimagine masculinity from a holistic view that is physical, intellectual, authentic, and soulful. We think it takes this full ecosystem to fuel the personal tools that drives beyond the catharsis of self assessment and gets us to the frightening and necessary place of taking personal responsibility for enacting lasting and sustainable change – and we’d love to have you join us on that journey.